Branding - An Internal Need

Sunday, January 29, 2023
Branding To Employees

Often overlooked is communicating a brand to internal organizations within a company. A revised company mission, values, and unique selling points are part of the new company and unfortunately little time is spent to effectively articulate this new look, message and other company attributes to internal groups within the organization. 

Articulating branding within an organization is important because it helps to ensure consistency in the company's image and messaging, which is crucial for building a strong brand identity. By clearly defining and communicating the brand within the organization, all employees can understand and effectively communicate the company's mission, values, and unique selling points. This, in turn, helps to create a consistent customer experience and builds trust and loyalty with customers.

Having a well-defined brand also helps the organization to make informed decisions about its marketing and advertising efforts, product development, and customer engagement strategies. A consistent brand image and messaging can increase recognition and awareness, enhance reputation, and create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In short, articulating branding within a company helps to create a strong, consistent, and recognizable image and messaging, build trust and loyalty with customers, and support the overall success of the organization.

Here's 5 things that can help win over internal groups in the company.

  1. Clarity and consistency: A well-defined brand provides clarity and consistency in all internal and external communications, creating a unified image and message.
  2. Employee engagement: A strong brand can help engage and motivate employees by providing a sense of purpose, pride, and direction.
  3. Decision-making: A clear brand identity can inform decision-making across the organization, guiding product development, marketing strategies, and customer engagement efforts.
  4. Aligned goals: A well-articulated brand helps to align the goals of all departments and employees, ensuring everyone is working towards a common purpose.
  5. Reputation management: A strong brand image can enhance the reputation of the organization, building trust and credibility with customers, employees, and stakeholders.

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In-Store Deliverables

In-store materials need to be of quality and effectiveness.

In-store deliverables can take many forms. Case cards, pallet wraps, couponing, etc.

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To be effective, consumer product, food tie-ins require careful planning and execution.

Tie-ins leverage the strengths of each brand to increase sales and customer loyalty. By combining two products that are often used together or consumed at the same time, companies can increase the perceived value of both products and attract new customers who may not have been interested in one product alone.

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Trade Brochure

Diageo North American Trade Brochure used to introduce the portfolio of spirts brands in North America.

A significant task to act as the hub of creative and trade related activities for all North American spirits whosalers.

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