Okay, you're probably thinking why do we need to have communication tool that assists in the selling process to the trade. That's easy. Your selling teams need a consistent selling tool that is made for performance and the Persuasive Selling Format (PSF) is the perfect choice.

Marketers obviously like couponing. In Supermarket News' 2005 Survey of Manufacturer Promotional Practices, more than two-thirds of the participants said they feel couponing is an effective promotional tool. Fast forward to 2015 and yes, things have changed but they are still a vital consumer and trade marketing tool. Read on.

Wine or alcoholic beverages have unique state by state legal requirements. Many alcohol (Wine, Spirits, Beer) companies with national distribution will promote a partner brand for the main reason of offering a consumer promotion, usually in the form of a cents off coupon in states that prohibit promotional savings on their own (alcohol) brand.

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For over 25 years we've understood that great brands have an intrinsic value that translates to real sales growth. We develop long lasting impressions that positively affect our clients and their employee’s future. Our proven process is unique. When used correctly it allows for "keys" to unlock growth and maximize brand (sales) potential. We understand the big picture.

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