FSI - Free Standing Insert

FSI. It's a consumer ritual. Every Sunday, millions of Americans look forward to coupon clipping. If you're a manufacturer of consumer products here's your chance to showcase a new, improved or seasonal item and maximize consumer attention and awareness. Yes, an FSI is a vital ingredient in any integrated, consumer, promotional marketing mix. However, it is even more important to deliver on trade channel expectations that demand a consumer traffic building solution that offers consumer goods manufacturers leverage in any trade negotiations. 

With a defined process for regional or national FSI drops, LSC has the experience to make your next FSI drop a towering success. Make the most of this consumer and trade necessity today and see defined sales and marketing results. Select "Read more" below for Samples, Services, Benefits and more.








FSI Services:

Art direction

An FSI requires a specialized, strategic and targeted understanding that serves to organize diverse teams for the desired outcome.


Working with industry professionals, we'll be managing the complete studio process to create visually stimulating images that can be used for all trade and consumer purposes, not just for your FSI.

Copywriting for an FSI

An FSI is a consumer driven sales tool and must speak strategically, simply and clearly for maximum effectiveness.

FSI program planning

Used as a part of the marketing mix, FSI assist to build traffic and complement the in-store and out-of-store sales vehicles.

FSI design & production

Working with preferred FSI publishers, our internal teams are able to provide clients with the right FSI artwork on-time and on-budget.

Recipe development for an FSI

Food and beverage professionals will create recipes that promote your product, reduce consumer time and make consumer occasions memorable.

Market research

Our strong FSI background and marketing knowledge assist to plan effective regional or national drops according to your needs.

FSI redemption

Industry statistics indicate low FSI consumer redemption. More importantly, consumer products require trade support and FSI fit perfectly.

National & regional FSI drops

Whether national or regional FSI, our management teams will assist in choosing markets, regions or other selection criteria that fits your FSI needs.

Trade development with an FSI

Manage your trade relationship and develop FSI sales tools that assist your retailers with traffic building programs. FSI are always popular with the trade.

Prevent Out-of-Stocks with an FSI

We'll show you how to prevent out-of-stocks and capture those lost profit opportunities as consumers seek to purchase after seeing your FSI.

UPC code procurement

Tracking your specific FSI needs, by region, by market or by store are planned effectively with UPC's. We'll take the guesswork out of this valuable tool.

Key FSI (Free Standing Insert) Benefits:

  • Activities that promote display with FSI
  • Brand equity building with FSI
  • Effective media mix with FSI
  • Improved consistency with FSI
  • Increased product awareness & trial with FSI
  • Integrated marketing with FSI
  • Maximized FSI promotional spending
  • Prevent out-of-stocks with FSI
  • Sales generation in new markets with FSI
  • Strategic positioning with FSI
  • Targeted & tactical FSI
  • Targeted consumer segments with FSI



Resources and other FSI information:

Integrated solutions.

Designing, developing and implementing sales, marketing and promotional programs.

Branding, marketing and advertising.